Saying “R”

Today he did it.


Even missing all those teeth!  No more twains, caws, or mawshmallows.  And, I’d like to note that it took almost SEVEN YEARS for this person to learn to pronounce the letter “R.”  Even hearing it all day, every day, from his parents.  This makes me think all of us who are learning a second language are too hard on ourselves, by expecting to speak without an accent after only a year or two.  Kids supposedly learn much faster than adults do, and it took him almost SEVEN YEARS.

He’s pretty cute.  I would say I can’t believe my baby doesn’t talk like a baby anymore, except it’s okay because the things he says now are pretty fun to listen to.


This guy, on the other hand, is not quite there yet.  He’s entered the Goofball Stage where it’s all about stinky, poopy jokes.


Love them both.  And this guy too.