Fishing, Lake Kariba


We’re On A Boat!


A boat surrounded by hippos!  Maybe we’ll pass on swimming today…


With the fuel tank pointing straight to “E,” we went out cruising this morning to explore Lake Kariba.  Our driver was a nice enough guy who talked on the phone a lot over the roar of the engine, and I guess didn’t seem to mind that the gas tank was empty.  On such a hot day, it was a nice to get away from the shore and feel the breeze.  Here is our campsite from the water:


This was before the neighbors arrived.  Overnight, we were surrounded by a swarm of God-fearing Zambians, hatching like gremlins to spend the weekend at a revival Praising Jesus.  They made quite a ruckus when the mini-buses pulled in after midnight and by morning, little tents had popped up all around us like mushrooms.  An army of huge cooking pots were set up underneath the canopy of a huge tree, surrounded by bushels (yes, real bushels) of food… tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, and woven bags of mealie meal.  It was fascinating to watch the Zambian women cook, also fascinating to see them getting ready for church in the morning.   They sat in rows, 4 or 5 together, working on each other’s hair with braids, brushes, curlers, and flat-irons.  It was so hot I couldn’t imagine sitting there under a flat-iron for hours!  But the outcome is pretty impressive.  All pressed and straightened, the men too, with their ties and long-sleeves in the hundred degree heat.  They invited us to sit with them under the trees and worship.  We were grateful for the invitation but had already scheduled our boat trip.  We had some fish to catch!




Eli named this guy Swimmy.


Later, Mommy made a major Mommy Faux Pas by zoning out and forgetting to tell Eli to throw him back in the water.  After holding Swimmy and deciding Swimmy was his Best Friend, Swimmy quickly succumbed to the fate of all fish who spend a little too long in the fresh air, and promptly launched Eli into a state of questioning God.  That night, surrounded by our Praising Neighbors, we lay in the tent and tried to go over Heaven, Happiness, the Soul, and what happens to a body when it dies.  A little weird, but surprisingly easy after a few glasses of Lynchburg Lemonade.  Eli is a very thoughtful guy.


Our boat ride was great, if anything a bit too short.  Devon and Jake were lulled by the rocking of the boat.




It’s pretty fun to travel with friends.  We are lucky to have them with us!!!