We are the Gower Family:  Mike, Eve, Jake, and Eli.


We are United States Foreign Service diplomats, traveling the world, and living every minute along the way!


We don’t know where we’re going, we only know where we are, and in these moments we embrace whatever life has to teach us.

In Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Zambia, and now Austria.



Mike and I always thought that when we got married and had kids, the adventures would slow down for a while.

Who knew they were just beginning?


These pictures are old but somehow I can’t part with them, because this is who we were when we started, and I don’t want to forget that part.

The blog is to keep in touch with the family and friends we miss, and to remind us that even in the rough spots, life is pretty magic.


Visit Madgow’s archives of Ukraine and Azerbaijan at www.madgow.com.

4 thoughts on “The Gowers

  1. Eve, I just reconnected with an email you sent me some time ago that mentioned this site. How wonderful it is! And, WOW, how the boys have grown. I shall enjoy checking up on all of you from time to time while in retirement. Keep living the good life because we really are the lucky ones. Big hug, Judie

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