Halloween Oreo Spiders


Our favorite Halloween Project!  And there is no mess to make or clean up!

One bag of Double Stuff Oreos (the regular ones are too skinny to fit the legs)

A bag of pretzel sticks, or mini pretzels cut to look like spider legs

Eyes:  red hots, Skittles, or M&M’s; I think red hots are the best size

A little homemade frosting

Just stick the legs in the oreos, put a few dots of frosting on one side, and stick on the eyes!  Probably buying pre-made frosting in a squeeze tube would be much neater (you can see that some of our eyes are a little skewed), but we haven’t been able to buy that for the past few years.  Homemade is drippy but works just fine!

These also work as contribution to adult Halloween parties :).