Easter 2016


Easter Dinner was not very traditional this year, except for the carrot cake.  I’ve made many carrot cakes over the years, sometimes with pineapple, sometimes with nuts, usually always with raisins and definitely always with cream cheese frosting.  I’ve decided that I’m a no pineapple, yes nuts, yes raisins, and yes coconut but only to decorate a little bit on the outside.  Carrot cake is easy because you make it with oil instead of butter, and it tastes good even if you don’t bother to make layers!   Mike made the carrots on top.  I had a lot of other help, too.


Our Easter Brunch turned into Easter Lunch, and eventually became Easter Dinner as we were having such a fun time with our guests that nobody wanted to go home.  We started with huevos rancheros and bellinis made with fresh mango puree, also homemade tortilla chips, pico de gallo, and guacamole made with avocados from our avocado tree.  Chicken burritos were cozy in the crock pot (those were for the kids), and one of our friends brought a huge salad bar, literally a salad bar like the kind you find at a steak house.  Bacon bits, roasted garlic, mushrooms, homemade croutons, smoked chicken, all kinds of vegatables, olives, herbs, and lettuce grown in her own garden.

The champagne disappeared too soon, but we introduced everyone to the Zambian Iced Tea.


Working now to liquidate the liquor cabinet before our move!  Alcohol is heavy.


Also a great way to get people dancing.


Jakey helped set the table,


Eli was inspired by the potatoes.  Like his Dede, he likes his vegetables to be happy.

DSC_0880 (1)

We were all happy today!  How could we not be happy after an Easter egg hunt and a basket full of See’s candy?



Staying connected to our traditions is important the longer we’re away, and I don’t know what we’d do if I weren’t able to go home once a while to visit Target and buy peanut M&Ms and Creme Eggs.  Or if we didn’t have grandparents who send us fun napkins and window decorations and holiday cupcake kits.  Thanks to our families, Jake and Eli are growing up Americans even though they haven’t lived there for seven years.  Families, we miss you.



And we are moving closer to home this summer!!  Cheers to that.