Victoria Falls, One More Time

Always one more time!


Thank goodness for the selfie stick.  One no longer needs Mike’s gorilla arms to take a good “hold-out” shot.  The boys have been practicing too!



For our sixth and probably last trip to Livingstone, we upgraded our stay and spent the weekend at the David Livingstone Hotel.  A real African safari lodge with soaring roofs, an infinity pool, acres of palm trees, and a balcony that opened up onto clusters of palm trees waving over the Zambezi River.



While we ran around outside looking for hippos and crocodiles, the hotel staff stood close by with shotguns cautioning us not to “get too close to the water with the little ones.”


They also cautioned us to keep our doors closed unless we wanted a visit from the monkeys.  Monkeys were everywhere!  Eli and I sat out on the balcony one morning and watched them swinging from vines, just like monkeys in the movies.  They climbed up onto our railing and sat with tails curled only inches away from where we were sitting, until the lodge staff came out with slingshots to shoo them away.

At Happy Hour, Jake and Eli had fizzy Rock Shandies and spent hours filming videos out on the lawn.  Jake provided the content, Eli was the cameraman.  Mike and I sipped gin and bitter lemon as the birds swooped through and the sunset glowed across the water.


The boys also took a lot of pictures.  Here is one of me standing in front of the terrace where we had breakfast every morning.  Omelettes, fruit, sausages, pancakes, all wonderful except for the bees crawling all over the granola.  Get away, bees!


Watch out, there’s a monster coming!


We had dinner at Olga’s (again) and lunch at Ocean Basket (again).  It’s funny how living in Africa has lowered our bar on “fine dining.”  But I think if you asked most people to remember their favorite meal, it would never be about the food but always about the company.  Always about the memories, the joy, the story that made those meals something special that would never occur in that way again.  So is Livingstone for us.  We’ve shared this city with parents, grandparents, brothers, cousins, and friends, an amazing place with stories and adventures unlike any others we will ever know.  A crocodile pizza that will never happen again!


Livingstone is the place where we first saw animals.  Where we chase the guinea fowl, hike The Boiling Pot, get wet on the Knife Bridge, and buy Zimbabwean money worth 10 Billion Dollars.  It’s where Mommy jumped off a bridge when she turned 40, where we drank bubbly Sundowners with wild zebras, and where we learned to always keep the car windows rolled up to keep the baboons out.

It’s where Daddy threw us in the infinity pool like torpedos.


Where we took our first boat cruise and saw hippos and crocodiles, and drank gin and tonic during a lightening storm.


It’s where we first learned to use the selfie stick!


Driving through town and visiting our usual haunts, we kept reminding ourselves that it was The Last Time.  Maybe.  Who knows what the future will bring.

Maybe not Livingstone.

But maybe a whole bunch of other things we will see and experience for the First Time.  So I guess we start looking to the future.  We are armed and ready.