This has been our latest family project.  Or rather, a series of family projects inspired by one of Eli’s library books.


He actually grabbed my hand one day and took me to the couch so we could sit down and look at it when I came home from work!


This movie, after all, is the reason we are going to France this year for Christmas.  And two years later, it’s still Eli’s favorite.  Crepes, anyone?


Daddy gets all the credit for those :).

Along with the crepes we’ve also made French Toast, Croque Monsieur, omelettes, muffins, quiche, baguettes, and some real ratatouille.  Here are our Pizza Rats:


And these are Eiffel Towers made from wafflie cookies:



Ta Da!


In the dessert section there was a recipe for Thomas Keller’s Chocolate Bouchons.  They were very buttery.  Like, 3 sticks of butter in 8 little ramekins buttery.  So buttery that none of us could eat more than half.

All that shiny butter reflected a lot of light so my photos didn’t look that appealing, but they sure tasted good!


Mike is truly the mastermind behind keeping Jake and Eli so excited about cooking.  While I fret about messes and dirty dishes, he jumps in with all the pots and pans and as many kitchen towels as he can find, and never thinks twice about sacrificing fun for keeping things tidy.  He is really a pretty neat Dad.  Thanks Sweetie!


You make our life fun!!  And pretty delicious..


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