Christmas Cake

Known in our house as The Cake, with the richest chocolate batter and icing as thick as fudge.


It was Eli’s idea to decorate it with red hots and mint leaves for Christmas.



I can’t figure out which angle I like best.  You can see it’s a small cake, just right for a small family.

Here is it sitting in our refrigerator.  A weird setting for a photo, yes, but we like to remember the brands of food we eat in the different countries where we live.  Butter, yogurt, you can see a tray of lychees there on the top shelf, along with imported apples and grapes from South Africa.  There’s a big pancake on a plate behind the eggs.  Brown eggs.  Always brown eggs.  An open can of Schweppes Bitter Lemon is on the door.


You’d think I might have gotten a picture of the cake sliced, showing the stripe of Nutella spread between the layers.  Sigh.

This is a good angle though!


After dinner, the kids are in bed.  Maybe this angle is the best.