when uncle nate and sahara were here

we had a fun time with uncle nate and sahara in  the pool and when we went to the airport and ate a slushie puppy and they are diffrent then a slurpie and we went to livingstone and there was no water in the falls not a single drop of water and sahara had big nose bleeds and we made this awesome fort why we were driving to livingstone and there was this place that burtdown because of a bush fire and it also burt down a few lodges so we didnt stop any where and then finally we got there and then we changed into are swim suits nd then are parents put sunloatin on us and then we jumped derectly in the pool and it felt so warm and then we started to play water polo me mommy daddy were on my team uncle nate sahara and eli were on a team and they won us and me and my dad i got on his soliders and we were trying to stop the ball so sahara could not pass to any body and mommys foot started to hurt and then we stoped playing the game and then we drove back to are house


this is a picture of victoria falls as you can see there isn’t much water in the falls right now it doesn’t look to butiful but one of the seens we saw were there were these rafters and they flip over with there rafts and it looked very crazy when they went threw this big wave and it made me want to do it to but i could in’t because i needed to now how to flip the  boat over because if i didn’t i would of drounded and that would of been so so bad but there was the dangreus point that had the most water out of all of them but it was still fun going to livingstone because of of the green tree lodge and because it had mangos and oranges and pineapple and the pool and the gineafoul and the granet and all sorts of stuff like that and the sand and rocks was fun and the views of the tree were nice and it would be fun to go rock climbing on when there was no water not with water because if ther was water then you would die and probably get hurt badly DSC_0676

this is a picture of me sahara uncle nate and mike playing monoply and daddy isn’t doing so good and uncle nate is doing the best and daddy has all of the orange properties and i have all of †he light blue properties and sahara has sortive the maroon properties and if you can see daddy has 3 houses on the orange properties and that meens that the prices are going higher then the usal price but if you have a hotel down the prices are so expensive and the community chest cards sometimes can be bad or good same to the chance cards sometimes they can be bad or good.