Trick Or Treat!


This is a bucket of Amazon Pops.  Does America have Amazon Pops too?  The boys got a ton of them!  I asked Jake if he knew what the Amazon was, and he said, “Yeah, it’s that company that sells us stuff, like costumes.”

Thank goodness for Amazon.


This year Jake had a really hard time deciding what he wanted to be, but in the end went with Dede’s influence and made a very handsome fighter pilot.  It came with a helmet, but he wanted to wear something a little less hot.


Remember this guy?


Eli knew right away that he wanted to be Ketchup.  If you can believe it, a couple of little girls fell in love with him over this costume.  And come to think of it, I first met Mike and started falling in love with him on Halloween 14 years ago.  He was wearing a dog costume and he kicked his leg when I scratched his belly.  It was all over after that.


There was a Halloween Party at the embassy and another one at the school, and the boys had tons of fun collecting way more candy than anyone could ever eat.  I was a little disappointed that Halloween candy literally meant “candy” and not chocolate. No snickers, almond Joy, butterfinger, or Jr. mints.  What’s Halloween without Reese’s?  I know it’s because of the heat and the melt factor, but how am I supposed to get excited about poaching my kids Airheads or bubble gum lollipops?


At the school on Friday night there was a Trunk or Treat, so named for the practice of trick or treating in the parking lot from a series of spookily decorated cars.  Then the adults enjoyed beer, wine, and conversation on the lawn while the kids watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”  This year I sat with the kids to watch the movie, and you know, Pixar and Disney were not the first companies to make “kids’ movies” for adults too.  I still love Charlie Brown, especially tonight on this warm African evening, with a sky lit by the blossoms of purple and red flame trees, sitting next to my fighter pilot and my Ketchup.

At least until it got too hot and the costumes came off.  Thank goodness for Amazon.