Jake and Eli In Woodinville 2015


Doughnuts, blueberry Eggos, Coke, Mexican food…. if we could trade places with you guys, we would!!


We are getting some great daily updates from Jake:

June 28
Hello mommy and daddy we went in to and awesome hot rod museum and it was out side of the church and it was so cool we each got to choose are favorite hot rod us two brothers got to take a picture and it was fun and i chose a really nice black one and Eli chose a red and silver one and oma chose  a purple one and it had flames and we both  stood in front of a 1950 mercury and it had flames on it to.

and we played with yohan and steghan and it was fun they have a tree house and dad they put electricity in it they put lights and they put benches inside that can fold up and it looks like there is now way in but you get in from the bottom of the tree house like you push and it goes up you now the things that the door has to open it and close it  thats what there tree house has to open the trap door to open it and there going to put a deck on the treehouse

love jake and mommy i want you to put my story on the blog can you light the fire place when we come back mommy and daddy do you now the rescuers or do you now the rescuers down under the are such good movies yes we are.


I’m reverting back to some of my old pictures.  I can’t help it!  I miss my babies!


Love you guys.  Hurry home!!!