One Week

That’s how long it’s been since Mike and I have been here together without the boys.  Wow, we miss them!  I keep seeing things around the house that remind me…


Jake has been keeping us updated over e-mail about all that they’ve been up to:

“Hello mommy and daddy we are having so much fun here i hope you have a fun time on the fourth of July it is going to be so fun we can get so many packs of fire works we can stay up so late i love being here cause they took us to lake chelan we had so good food there we went to Mexican resturant and got bontsy balls there and we bonts them at home and it was so fun and mommy there was this awsome disney puzzle and it was so cool it had 300 pices.

but one time we went to this restrant and opa got some food poison and then he got a little sick and we haven,t gone to rumbling or farms we are so anxious to go there.
and we got a remembering thing to take home and eli got a tow truck and i got a john deer set and for my john deer set i got a dump truck a pick up truck and a tractuer and this thing and i don’t now what it is called.

and mommy i am reading the hardy boys I’m on the second chapter oma said its supost to get very spooky i looked at all the hardy boys and i chossed what happened at midnight that is kindove spooky but i still like it and good bye for now il send you one later”

We are pretty much in love with this guy.


Despite missing them, Mike and I are happy to find that we still love each other like crazy and are having fun just doing whatever we want.  We went out to dinner for no reason on a Tuesday, we saw a movie on Friday (Jurassic World), and we wandered through a weird Chinese casino to have a drink at the bar.  Last night we had a dinner party with friends who don’t have kids, and it was fun to just be adults without worrying about bedtime!




If you’ve ever played this before, you’ll know it’s a game that requires an extra bottle or two of wine.

Today, we slept in until 8 and then had coffee out underneath the poinsettia tree.  Life is okay.  But we miss you J and E!