Christmas Five Years Ago


The Christmas Market in Krakow, Poland.  Jake and Eli were not yet two, and not yet walking.  Wow, what a long way we’ve come.  What I wouldn’t give for snow!   And someone handing me a glass of mulled wine from a barrel!


This is where we bought doughnuts and fried cheese.



This is where we had coffee and omelettes for breakfast.  Some of us had sippy cups and a pacifier :).  IMG_0601.JPG

Here is the square lit up for Christmas Eve.  A trumpet played from the top of the church tower every night.


Here is me, walking up to the castle with Eli strapped into the Beco baby carrier on my chest.


Can you tell we’re longing for cold weather and snow???  African Christmas has its charms, but its not the same.

Although one day these memories will be just as happy and precious as the old ones.