Weekend 10K


Wow, what great helpers!  Go Daddy, Go!


He was lucky to have all these assistants working his water stop.  Jake and Eli have a set of triplets in their class, you can see them here with the dark hair.  I think this picture is cute because our set is looking identically at the the other set, who are also looking identically down the road.


Jake and Eli are already planning to run the race with Daddy next year.  They were pretty excited to help!

And now that it’s HOT here, it was great to go back home, sit outside, and swim.  It’s even warm enough for Mommy to swim now.  We are pinching ourselves again, that we are swimming in our backyard in Africa, underneath these beautiful trees.


Eli and Jake also decided they wanted to make Top Hats.


They are really into making paper hats.  Here are Chef Eli and Chef Jake, taking burgers out to the grill:


While I sit here putting these pictures on the blog, they are playing with legos in the other room.  I hear them talking, making plans for a new rocket, digging through the legos the way I remember doing with Paul.  Daddy inspires them and reminds everyone that the colors don’t have to match and the pieces don’t have to be perfect, because it doesn’t matter anyway and worrying about that steals the fun.

Here is Friday Night Mario Cart.  It’s all about the fun in the end, isn’t it?