Little DaVinci


It’s clear that Eli inherited something special from his Daddy.


Is it normal to have an entire room full of art supplies?  I don’t know.  That’s what our house has.  And all day long, Jake and Eli are drawing pictures of amazing things.  We’ve even found out we like having play dates with girls who like to draw!


Jake’s masterpieces tend toward houses with very straight lines, and animals that he learns to draw in school.  This week he drew a giraffe with tiny brown spots meticulously placed in rows down his back, and he’s also quite the expert at trees, landscapes, and 3-point perspective.  Lately he’s started illustrating recipes, which he writes out himself, then adds drawings of the ingredients in the margin.  He is quite handy to have around.DSC_0567

Eli is a little more unpredictable, but equally copious in his creations.  His latest themes have been monster trucks, sprinkled doughnuts, watercolors of Earth, loaves of bread, and smiling people rowing boats.  It’s very reassuring when your children draw people that are smiling, isn’t it?  This week, he drew a picture of a sliced ham.  I’m not sure that sliced hams are the way to a girl’s heart, but I think that one day, the right girl will think it’s neat.


Other recent Eli quotes:

“Turtles don’t eat through ham, but a bunny can!  Turtles don’t have any teeth.”

“That breakfast wasn’t good.  Don’t you remember?  They totally burned my beef fillet.”

“I know how God made us here.  He made us grains of rice, so we could fit in our mom, then we have nails to hold our bones together.”

“In Paris they make French Toast, because their toasters don’t make good toast.  Right Mom?”


It is good to notice things.  To think, ponder, try to make things make sense, and to question what’s going on in the world.  I love you, Jake and Eli.  You remind us to think every day about the preciousness of our life with you.