Oma and Opa Are Here!


They made it!  Who would have ever believed that one day we would be having a vacation with them in the Republic of Georgia!?  Here’s to the unpredictability of Life.


I mean, where else can you get your picture taken with a big, bronze Ronald Reagan?


On our first day we took Mom and Dad for a short walking tour of the Old Town.  They quickly gave us a reality check as we gushed about it “feeling like Europe,” and looked at us like we belonged in the loony bin.  Okay, maybe it’s time for Mike and I to get out of the former Soviet Union.  But the monastaries are pretty!  And they have croissants and real coffee!  And wine!  That’s european, right?  Sort of?


We went into the old Monastary in the center of Tbilisi.  It was dark, cracking, cold, and covered in scaffolding both inside and out.  Inspiring to see frescos and mosaics from centuries ago, but also sad to see this ancient relic barely being cared for.


The people inside were real.  So were the candles, incense, and icons in all the corners, even the dark ones.   We lit our own candles to pay our respects.


Oma and Opa had been on the plane all night, so after a little stop at the park and a visit to a wine shop to sample some saperavi, we went back home to rest before dinner.  And play with some legos!!


Later, we were ready for some good food and music.  We took Oma and Opa to our favorite Georgian place, where real grape vines hang above the tables in the dining room.  We ordered our usual spread, of eggplant with walnut paste, pork shashlik, cucumber tomato salad, beef kebabs, khinghali dumplings, cheesy kachipury, and of course a few liters of beer.  The boys were excited to get tarragon soda and hear the band!  I was excited that we get to share this part of our life with Mom and Dad.


Thank you for coming all the way over here!  Here is to the Beginning :).


One thought on “Oma and Opa Are Here!

  1. We so loved being there in Georgia with our dear family. It was so much fun and so interesting going to the cathedrals and seeing the people lighting candles and worshiping in their way to their God who I believe is the same as ours. The boys continually delight us and we are so grateful to be able to enter in this world.

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