Georgia, Republic Of.


In Tbilisi again!  How is it possible that it is so close, and yet so far?

To celebrate, we started off with a very Caucasian dinner of Thai food.  Spring rolls, beef in oyster sauce, chicken and chilis, tom yum gai…heavenly.   In Baku, Chinar and Jasmine come close to this, but we have to commit to white linen tablecloths and a room full of businessmen.  It is much more relaxing here at Baan Thai, where we know that even in meltdown mode, Eli and Jake will remain welcome!


Georgia is European.  Azerbaijan is Asian.  I guess that is the difference.  Mike and I get belladonna eyes over the salami and thick-cut pork chops at the grocery store, and nobody here looks at us like we’re aliens if we leave the house in a pair of sweatpants.  Mike can wear shorts without being a homosexual, and I can have long blonde hair without being a hooker.  That says something, doesn’t it?  Isn’t that a worthy enough reason to like a place?


Jake and Eli also really like the park and the cable car.  And having popcorn at Madagascar!


Georgia is starting to feel like home.  And the best part, is that guess who’s coming tomorrow….


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