Novruz Bayram!

Novruz Bayram!

Well, not quite yet. The Pagan-Zoastrian holiday isn’t actually until the 20th. But we got some holiday cookies today! Shakarbura, they are the “moons” on a tray full of sun, moon, and stars, filled with walnuts, sugar, and a hint of rose water. They are pretty good! Although it takes a while to develop a taste for rose water. I am getting there. Jake and Eli, though, are immersed in this stuff, and other than the cookies that I make at home, this is what they eat. So funny. I guess to the other kids and parents at their school, I am the Weird Foreign Mom. I made blondies to take for their birthday, but who knows if anyone liked them? Melted brown sugar and chocolate chips, while heaven for Americans, is also a strong flavor. Maybe like rose water, an acquired taste. Maybe they thought the blondies were weird? Oh well. Happy Holidays! Like religions in spring everywhere, bring on the eggs!

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