Brunch. For 10 Hours.

We wouldn’t have thought it possible, but I guess it shows that with the right company, ANYTHING is possible!  We started around 10am and finished around 8pm, after who knows how many pitchers of Bloody Marys and bottles of champagne.  All I remember is that the tequila lime salt was REALLY good.


Our friends from downstairs came up to keep Eli and Jake company, while Mike and I had our first Adult Brunch I think since the kids were born.  And the kids were WONDERFUL.  Who isn’t happy with waffles, bacon, biscuits, scones, potatoes, and a roll of Jimmy Dean?


Or a beautiful girl who lets us sit on her lap?


Or beer, barbecue, and poker once the sun starts to set, and we realize we are still having “brunch?”


The kids LOVED all day brunch, they got to watch a whole movie because Mom and Dad weren’t paying attention!


Mom and Dad loved it too.  It feels like life is officially back.

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