Mimi, Melnik, and Bulgaria

Summer in Bulgaria is probably not a dream trip for most people, but even with a broken shoulder, Mimi made it! We did our best to show her this country full of sunshine, fresh vegetables, and meat on a stick, and even though she probably spent more time watching silly movies and supervising violin lessons, it was our dream to have her here. We took her to Plovdiv to see Roman ruins from the first century, spent a weekend in the winery village of Melnik, wandered around Sofia, ate a lot of Turkish food, and squeezed in happy hour once in a while (or maybe every day). We toured vineyards and drank new wine straight from the barrel, and introduced Mimi to Bulgaria’s obsession with yogurt and red peppers! We had cappuccino and eggplants and grated cheese on everything, and somehow our three weeks ended before we were ready. I’m not sure that you’re ever ready to say goodbye to people you love… but I guess that’s why we love our own beds, because it helps us tolerate the idea of going home.

Here are a few pictures from Mimi’s Great Bulgarian Adventure.