Sometimes, people swoop into your life when you have no expectation of anything at all. They believe in us when we cannot believe in ourselves. They shower us with energy, a warming sunrise, faded flowers made vibrant again.

They are angels. Through the hills and valleys, bringing dawn to a suffocating dark, throwing a lifeline to pull you along. Yes, you can do this, and yes, you belong here. Life happens without always trying to make it what we imagine it should be.

As the years grow shorter we remain the masters of our own trajectory. A purposeful life is an effort that never stops. This is not a curse, but a superpower.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare

Our angels see the solution and the truth when no one else does, and remind us we are also capable of greatness. They are the unexpected reassurance that our version of the world is not a dream, but real and possible, and we are not alone in it.

The current did not pull us under, after all.