Sailing in Greece

July 2022 is already one of our best vacation memories ever, where we spent a week sailing around the Mediterranean with two of our favorite families in the world. The itinerary started in Athens then stopped in Ermione, Spetses, Hydra, Poros, and Aegina, on board a beautiful yacht with a chef and housekeeping, all thanks to the planning of our Commodore. The sea was a deep blue slate of glass welcoming sailboats, dolphins, swimmers, and flooded at night with moonpaths as stars emerged in the evening sky.

Every day was another daydream of sunrises, naps, fruit platters, paddleboards, cocktails, water sports, card games, and the best shrimp risotto I could ever imagine. Every evening, the towns came alive with tavernas, tapas, families pushing strollers, and couples clinking drinks under the warm glow of candles. Shops light up, and the boardwalk is lined by boats safely moored for the night. I have never before been rocked to sleep by a boat, but am thankful now to know what it means. So since pictures speak a thousand words, and a thousand words would probably still not be enough, here is our Boat Trip….