Til Kingdom Come

One more note

before the world changes

squeezed in, familiar

suspending the future

a version of ourselves still alive

along with the breath

of the love of a lifetime

There is no easy way to cross the divide to life without the compass. To re-orient, redistribute, to figure out who will light the barbecue and feed the cats, and make sure the coffee is always hot. We are lucky, if once in a lifetime we meet someone who finds magic in a plate of fried eggs.

There are only so many people who evolve to that enlightened place, that see magic outside of themselves and are committed to helping other people get there, too. “Just keep being you.” Nobody has ever shared advice more helpful or inspiring than that.

Committed, loyal, even after the world grew quiet, there was strength built on decades of honor and purpose that made optimism the only path.

There is no way around The End, but even then he made sure not to leave without saying good-bye. I love you. Hovering for those days, preparing for the next step of the journey, even then emanating grace and courage that was the model of his life.

There was no quiet desperation, no unfulfilled dream, just a story of steady devotion, of seeing the world’s needs and filling them, while filling the rest of us with cookies and the courage to believe in ourselves.

There is no beginning and no end, just the moments in between. Moments that are pressed into the next generation, to be safely carried on forever.