First Snowfall….

November 19th.  That is the day this year when we first woke up to snowflakes falling from the sky.  “Mom, wake me up if it starts snowing!”


I’m surprised sometimes, that even after almost 11 years, life is still full of firsts.  This blog is like a giant Never-Ending Baby Book.

In that case, I’m a little behind, but here are some other Firsts from the past few months.

First Day of Fifth Grade

IMG_2957 (1).jpg

First Candy Corn.  6 pounds of it.

Version 2

First Candy Corn Muffins


First Leash


First DJake.


First huge cotton candy, eaten all by yourself.


First homemade peanut butter.


First Burger King.


First Appendicitis


First Austrian Hospital Breakfast


First Halloween Breakfast (That would be Mike)


First Cow Parade

_DSC7919 (1).jpg

First time making a pumpkin pie.  Really, this was the first time.


First Giant Bubble Man

DSC_9414 (1).jpg

First Hot Stroopwaffle


First Globe Museum


First Leather Jacket


First Viennese Oktoberfest


First time on Austrian News

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 3.06.30 PM.jpg

First Medieval Fair


First Pumpkin Beer


First time walking into a beehive and getting stung 9 times.


And yet we are still not too old to ride the swings,


Or watch squirrels playing tag,


Or carve pumpkins,


Or paint sun-catchers at the kitchen table on a sunny afternoon.


No, we are not yet too old for Firsts, or old enough for Lasts.  I think I don’t believe in Lasts anymore.  Life is just a series of Firsts, re-created with each new decade, that never stops.  Or gets easy.  Or is any harder or easier than it was before.  It is just life, a thread of knots on a string, that gives you a grip once in a while as you just keep moving along.

DSC_9688 (1).jpg


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