Mother’s Day

My children know me so well.


My husband knows me so well!



The secret longing of everyone’s life is to be known, isn’t it?   To feel like somebody understands your dreams and your feelings, even if sometimes they’re a little crazy.


There is Gus Gus holding Eli’s stuffed dolphin in his mouth.  He always drops it in his water bowl.  Eli tries to hide the dolphin because he doesn’t like Gussy chewing on it and throwing it into the water, but Gussy loves it so much!  So Eli lets him play with it, even though he’s a little crazy.  Even kitties like to be known.

DSC_1317 (1).jpg

I like this picture because Mike’s hand is there.  He made me eggs benedict for breakfast today.



Later, we spritzed our rosé with Aperol and sat outside with the kids and the cat.  My basil plant is looking a little droopy, but otherwise the day was perfect.


Perfect is possible when you see how beautiful your life is, and want exactly what you have.  When you remember that even if you’re tired and haven’t slept for a week, that each day is precious simply for being a day.  Jake and Eli remind me of this, that even repetitive things like washing dishes or taking out the trash are ways we weave our stories into a family.  It’s comforting to just embrace the ebb and flow of our life.  And it’s perfect because it’s ours.  And Jake and Eli are perfect, Mike too, just because they Are.



The greatest gift of Motherhood is understanding unconditional love.  That when you unconditionally love someone, they can never hurt you and never need to make you happy, because you love them anyway.  Sometimes I think even forgiveness becomes unnecessary because there’s nothing to forgive anymore.  In Russian, there is a saying that translates to something like “Your burden is not your burden.”  I think I finally get it.

Being a Mom is not a sacrifice.  It’s the greatest grace on earth.