Easter, Vienna. 2018



Each year when I think it might be over, I am granted one more year.  One more holiday to add to a decade of holidays, when the boys are excited to dye eggs, put out their baskets, and go to sleep early for the Easter Bunny.


Somehow I’m blessed that this vestige of little boyhood remains.



I’m also blessed that my kids are not allergic to peanuts!


Easter would not be Easter without Reese’s peanut butter eggs and those pretty pastel M&M’s.   Even Gussy liked the candy!  Thank you, Mimi and Dede, for sending our Easter box!


Going to sleep early was a little harder this year because we were out late Saturday night eating schnitzel with Glenn and Christina, and after we went to bed we couldn’t sleep because Gus kept batting at the eggs.  Those plastic eggs make a lot of noise rolling around on a wood floor.

DSC_1480 (1)

In the morning, Jake and Eli scrambled out of bed on their long legs to find the bunny droppings.  They sorted it into bowls, played Candy Shop for a while, then we all went to Easter Mass at the Votivkirche.  The service was performed in German, Italian, English, and Spanish, and when we sang Ode to Joy were told to “just pick the language you like best.”  It didn’t really matter that we weren’t Catholic, or that we didn’t sound very good.  All the songs were just like I remembered them, and the cathedral had heated seats!


Easter Sunday in Vienna also means Easter Markets and sipping wine in the sunshine at Schonbrunn Palace.


Easter markets are just like Christmas markets, except that instead of ornaments there are Easter eggs.

DSC_1542 (2)

Giant ones, where you can have your picture taken.


And smaller ones where you can sit around with your friends and have a drink.


I don’t know why, but it’s funny to see grown men sitting in Easter eggs drinking beer.


If there is ever a day to do rabbit ears to your brother, this would be the day!


The food sold at Austrian holiday markets doesn’t change too much.  Always beer and spritzers, with various forms of melted cheese and potatoes.  I wonder about the “meat loaf with chili.”


There was also a children’s area, where kids could decorate their own little eggs made out of marzipan.


I was entranced by this lady painting pysansky eggs right in front of us while we watched.



It was a little cold for Easter, but on this warmish day with the sun peeking out, there is no place I would rather be than at a palace in Vienna, surrounded by friends and Easter eggs.


Back at home we mindlessly left Gussy with all the chocolate, but were happy to see he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth.


He has more important things to do.