Halloween 2017

One of the things I love about Mike.  He knows how to carve a pumpkin!



Those other two boys are showing some promise too.  Jake is on the left, Eli on the right.

DSC_1160 (2).jpg

The day started with a raging windstorm and a muddy dash through a pumpkin patch clutching pumpkins, but the weather mellowed into a perfect rainy afternoon to make meatballs and jack-o-lanterns at home.



DSC_1141 (1).jpg

DSC_1156 (1).jpg

Gussy can’t carve pumpkins, but he is sure trying to figure it out!



Jake helped me decorate one of my work colleagues.  It’s sort of weird to mix a fireman and Harry Potter, but the skeleton needed a robe.  He looked funny without any pants.



Halloween was a prolonged affair with multiple costumes, events, and parties.  Lots of candy and a preference for dum dums.  Is that because they taste good or because they last a really long time?  Hamburglar and James Bond are apparently both very smart.


DSC_1160 (1).jpg

Mommy is smart too.  The boys don’t really know much about Twix, so I am stealing them!



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