It’s Spring Break, and we are driving through a snowstorm on our way to a holiday in Slovenia.

Where is that, anyway?  And why is it snowing?!



As Dad would say, we’re getting closer to that part of the world that forgets to use vowels.

DSC_1316 (1)

It’s actually kind of fun to be driving through the snow, cuddled in our blankets and listening to good music with gummi bears and a can of Pringles.  We’re listening to CDs that Jake and Eli made, their favorite songs lately are by Sia, Lorde, Rixton, K’naan, and some classic Mumford and Sons.  It made us wonder, do you have to be a smoker to get a really good singing voice?

Road trips are awesome for contemplating questions like these, especially beautiful road trips like this one!


A few hours later the snow stopped, and Slovenia stepped out into the sunlight.


Ljubljana is a little less than five hours from Vienna, which means we can leave work early and still make it there by dinner time.  Coming from a land of pale and watery beer, we were excited for a cold pint of IPA.


The boys were excited about the hotel room.  Look, reading lamps!


Ljubljana is nothing like what we expected.  I’m not sure what we expected, maybe a sort of ex-Soviet city with rare pockets of charm peeking through the concrete, but what we found was Northern Italy.  A beautiful old town full of restaurants and lights, surrounded on all sides by green valleys and snow-capped mountains, along a river that bends around old stone bridges and a castle perched protectively on the hill.  Cafes were alive with music and good beer, the town square glowed with freshly painted color, and that night we ate the best gnocchi and steaks ever.




Okay, we get it now!  You had us at Slovenia!




We walked through the Town Square on our way to the castle, where we lingered over a vibrant farmer’s market full of tables selling lots of rhubarb, honey, and fried calamari.  Is it ever too early to eat fried calamari?


Jake, Eli, and Mike were super excited about taking the funicular up to the castle.


I was super excited to walk.  The vistas stretched over Ljubljana all the way to the Alps.  Eli is watching the funicular…



Here is the castle painted on the wall of the restaurant where we had dinner.


This is the restaurant where Eli’s salad arrived and he said “I love beets and feta cheese!”  Jake was more interested in the iPhone than eating beets and feta cheese.  It’s okay Jake, we’ll eat yours…


After dinner we abandoned plans to sit outside for a drink because it was freezing, even with the heat lamps and blankets.  Jake and Eli didn’t mind since being on vacation means they get to watch TV, so back at the room they cruised the channels and found a cool show about adventure pilots in Alaska.  There was also a show about two friends running a business of building and repairing truck engines.  Do girls watch these shows too?  What do girls watch?  Am I still a girl with all these boys around?

I don’t know, but while they’re watching trucks, I know I get the bathtub all to myself.