Yummy food by Jake


here’s some yummy food that we have been eating we usually eat this sort of stuff for happy hour.


here are some nice chocolaty ding dongs! yummy!


some yummy ice cream from my favorite ice cream store! Tuchlauben. They have the best ice cream it is called after eight. It is basically mint chocolate chip.


some yummy pretzels and a pretzel stick. I can remember these pretzel sticks were so good.


these are very good they are called stollen’s they are so good. Some of them can be very long and some of them are very short.


these are erdapfel puffer’s witch means in English potato puffer’s. I think they are very good depending on the one that you get. some are good and some are bad.


so these are frankfurter’s. they usually come with two sausages and a semmel. that black thing in the corner is a cup that says almdudler.


these are real potato chips they are made from real potato’s. It is cool to watch because they put in potato’s and you get to watch them make it.

these are langos.  big pieces of fried bread covered in garlic butter and you can also get them filled with cheese.


this is garlic bread made from a pretzel roll.