Leopard’s Hill Soccer

The final games were today, and Daddy and Coach Nickie did a great job keeping the team together and making them proud of their season.  Go Yash!  This year the team’s sponsor was Yash Pharmaceuticals.


Magic Productions, led by Coach Aditya and Coach Stephanie, is a professional group that bring kids from all over the community together to play football and develop skills.  The players in the league represent 55 Lusaka schools, meaning that the purpose of the program is to do more than just follow a game schedule.  They also learn how to cooperate and communicate with kids from different neighborhoods, backgrounds, socio-economic status, and even languages spoken at home.




Children in Zambia play football everywhere.  Without shoes, fields, or even proper balls, they gather in the compounds wherever the patch of dirt is wide enough, and their daily practice shows.  The kids learn a lot from each other about commitment, enthusiasm, and never giving up.

Go Yash!!!  Coach Dad and Coach Nickie never give up either!!!