Every year AISL has a triathalon and we had a team.  it is a great event i came out of the pool second and jayden came out of the pool first and we were swimming in the same lane.  Our team was named nimbus 2000 and jaydens team was called the hot dogs.  We did the Triathalon with Neel and me and Eli and we did pretty good.   When we were done we were all drinking minute maid and we were having some cookies.


I did the swimming and Eli did the biking and Neel did the running.  It was hot and our number was 350.   We are all wearing medals.  Daddy  got a  medal too he did the running part of the triathalon with two of his buddies.  I was happy that day.  Afterward we got gigibonta.  I had lemon and blue sea, Eli had two scoops of lemon, and  daddy  had a big minute maid.

That night we had chinese food to celabrate.




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