paris strasbourg

we went to paris and strasbourg on are christmas break

we saw beautiful sights in paris and one of the sights was the eiffel towerDSC_0702.jpg

Another sight was the notre dame it is a very famous church i think we didn’t climb it though because the line was to big but it was very prettyDSC_0644 (1).jpg

we went to this yummy restaurant and there were penguins lit up at the restaurant  and the reindeer look at it doesn’t it look great look at all the candy canes and all of that stuff


we ate yummy food at this restaurant  like shrimp steak and cheese fondue and dessert but i can’t  remember  what they were called and we did get some ice-cream  it was all so yummy!!plus a eiffel tower and a fondue forkDSC_0675 (1).jpg

I am standing in front of a bear ahhh!!!!

DSC_0627 (1)

by jake