First Rain


Sometime in November, we can usually expect the rain to start.  This year it’s been later and lighter than usual, but that only makes it all the more exciting when the clouds start building in the sky.


Quick, cover the sand pit!  Thank you Mr. Steven!


The breeze turns cool and the wind starts to blow.  Dry leaves chatter and tree tops start bending toward the ground, while the air becomes filled with purple and red blossoms from the jacaronda and flamboyant trees in our yard.  The bats are heading for home!


Other critters also find refuge from the stormy weather.  This guy has been hanging out in our kitchen for weeks now.  He’s kind of cute.


Mom gave us this wind chime years ago.  We love it still.


And when the rain finally starts, it’s so exciting that we barely know what to do with ourselves!



There’s probably a way that this is somehow useful, right?

After the rains the air is filled with the silvery-winged “Inswa,” flying insects about the size of a moth but shaped more like a dragon-fly.  After they mate and lose their wings, they become a crunchy fried snack for the locals.  There are so many in the air, you can reach out and grab a handful of them without even trying!  I guess that’s what makes them such an accessible snack.  Sort of like a candy bar at the grocery store.  Just reach out and grab them.  We went to dinner one night and Eli was in heaven catching the Inswa while we waited for our food.  As gross as it sort of is, I’m glad I have at least one kid who isn’t afraid of bugs.


But I think I will stick to the Snickers bar.