Thanksgiving 2015


It was very yeasty in our household this morning.


A very hot day too.  Bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, pie.  I can see why countries that have snow evolved into cultures that celebrate baking.  It really gets hot in the kitchen with the oven on all day!



Baking is fun but not when you start dripping into your dough.

Thank goodness we could just run outside and jump in the pool!



A Thanksgiving Swim.  This is something about Africa we will definitely miss.

These sunrises too.  The light is so golden and breathtaking sometimes.


We didn’t host dinner at our home which meant we had a lovely free morning to go biking, make breakfast, and pay attention to things like yeast.  And to make an apple pie.


It was difficult to resist the urge to make my favorite, pecan pie, but I was happy to find at least 4 pecan pies later that afternoon on the dessert buffet.   We definitely ended up at the right Thanksgiving feast!

Our friends hosted a potluck with three turkeys and all the associated holiday trimmings, and we were all amazed by how delicious everything was.  Is this because we’re all getting older and we know how to cook now?   I kind of think so.  It’s one of those unsung glories that comes with aging… you know what’s good and how to do it now.  Seriously, even in the middle of Africa with questionable power and no air conditioning, Mike and I both agreed this was one of the best Thanksgiving dinners we’d ever tasted. Was it the potluck?  The company?  Being with friends even though so far away from home?   The pitcher of sparkling sangria?  I don’t know, but it was a wonderful day.


The boys made lists of everything they were thankful for, which focused on family, toys, books, technology, and art supplies.  I had helpers in the kitchen at every turn, to bring me ingredients and wash dishes, and to keep me company by selecting songs on iTunes radio.  With my leftover dough, for breakfast we ended up with the most beautifully decorated cinnamon rolls ever.


I think that is quite a lot to be thankful for.  Thank you Mike, Jake, and Eli, for giving me a life so blessed.