Lusaka Triathalon 2015


What is Mr. Jason doing back there???


Celebrating Team ShaZambia’s Second Place Finish!

The day dawned cloudy and cold, not typical May weather for a country that is usually the Land of Eternal Sunshine.  But that didn’t stop Kelly and Jake from diving headlong into the pool!



Jason and Eli flew through on their bikes, while Mike and Gabriel anchored the team on the track.

All the teams had some great cheerleaders!


I was a cheerleader too, although I’ll admit to being equally as fascinated by the Girl Scouts’ Bake Sale.  The British influence was alive and well with oatmeal crunchies, damp lemon cake, and slices of red “jelly” in real orange peels.  I bought the boys each a banana muffin, and couldn’t resist the glazed lemon-poppyseed muffins either.  Jelly in orange peels though, I’m still trying to understand that one…

The music was playing and the air was full of energy, and it was such an overall positive experience for the kids and adults alike.  Everyone gets a t-shirt and a medal, which the boys were proud to wear for the next few days.


They were also anxious to get home and play with them.  Eli decided the medals would look best decorating his garbage truck.



Jake then decided that the garbage truck should be decorated with candy.


Then we did some drawings.

I’m not sure if these guys are destined to be athletes, but they are definitely dreamers.


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  1. The boys did so well at the triathlon, Jake was second out of the pool against someone on the swim club, Eli wrecked in the sand and then picked his bike up and kept going, and Gman ran as fast as he could. Great job, junior Shazambia!

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