camping trip gwabi


this is a picture of me and my mom and we were freezing cold my dad and my brother were making a sun diale and they thought it was really fun and i was cudeling with my mom cause it was freezing and the water was behind us and are car

was parked in front and are tent was beside the car and when we went we got something to put on the back of are car and

it was fun.


this is a difrint picture of  me and my mom but it looks kindave   diferent  and we are clouser to the boats  and we are further away away from the car and it was fun in Gwabi and sad that we left cause it had a pool place at the bar and it had a pool it was really warm and it did,t have a heater and it allso had a vacum in it and it was also very deep and my dad is 6feet.five inches and the pool is much taller then him the next picture is going to be ginefoul


these are ginefoul and they are chhapate that we threw in the field and then they got scared and found some athour food

like bugs and they also had stone tents but they are really challets and they had tow beds and a bathroom in the back

of the challets but now we are back in Zanbia   and it took three ours to get back to zambia it was fun jake wort this blog good bye

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  1. The guinea fowl are cute but don’t quite match up to the cuteness of Mommy and Jakey.

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