Easter 2015


Thank goodness for our last packet of Ukrainian egg dye.


Thank goodness for friends to decorate Easter eggs with!


Not to mention this great Zambian weather.  We don’t even need to wear shirts anymore!  The shirtlessness continues, even more often now than it used to be.  Love my boys.



And we’ve finally gotten used to the brown eggs, enough so that now we actually think they’re kind of pretty.  In that rustic Martha Stewart sort of way.  Only we aren’t doing this to be “unique,” but because they are the only eggs we have.


Living like we do, in Africa or Azerbaijan or who knows where, we have to Make Our Own Fun and try to make traditions out of what’s here.  We’ve found there is always room to improve traditions.  In fact, sometimes we stumble onto ways that make them even better.  These are my Hot Cross Bunnies.


The Ambassador also hosted an Easter party and egg hunt at his residence, and we got to meet the Easter bunny!  It was tons of fun!  Some of the kids wisely noted that he probably wasn’t the real Easter bunny, but seemed pretty confidant that the real Easter bunny would be coming to their houses.



Jake really likes his friend Julia.  He let her count his eggs.


Eli found some eggs that everyone else missed!


After all the eggs were collected, they were opened to see who won the prize.  They were all empty, except for one that held a Golden Ticket.  The ticket won a special prize.  Gabriel won!  All the other kids got a goody bag.  An ingenious way to make sure that everyone’s Easter basket was equal, without loading them up with candy that none of the parents wanted them to eat anyway.




They finished the party with the Bouncy Castle, a hot dog, and a Capri Sun.



Happy Easter!  We’re publishing early this year because on Thursday, we’re heading to Zanzibar, then on to Mauritius for another twist on “Easter tradition…”