Swim Gala 2014

These are our Swimmers!!




Every December, at the end of swimming season in PE, the school holds a gala for the kids to show their parents all they’ve learned.  One of the great things about living in Africa.  Swimming in December!

First there’s a kickboard race, then a noodle race, then they go freestyle.  Parents are allowed to swim with the kids, and guess whose kids wanted Mom to swim?  Lucky me.  I was sort of dreading wearing a bathing suit in front of all the other parents but it turns out I was the lucky one.  It was SO HOT!!  I got to go swimming and hang out with the kids by the pool.  Yes, lucky me!

That’s Jake swimming up above.  He’s quite the fish, winning his freestyle heat.  Eli likes to swim with his goggles.




At home, we go swimming in the backyard almost every day. Daddy plays Marco Polo, and they like to do Pixie Horse and Bucking Bronco with the fun noodles.  Another of America’s great exports to Africa:  The Fun Noodle.


Mike goes running early, before the sun comes up, and on school days this means getting back around 5:30 am.  Last week Jake was up extra early, so they jumped in the pool together!  Crazy boys I have.  The earliest I’ve gotten in the pool so far is 7:30 in the morning.  The sun rising at 6am is so nuts.

Jake likes to be the Life Guard.


Eli is pretty good at being handsome.


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