It’s Thanksgiving in Zambia! Give Me A Light…


Bud Light….





Seriously, we needed one of those “Who Invited All These Tacky People?” shirts for this party.  Did you notice Mike with his Michelob Amberbock too?


He was pretty proud of himself for scoring two full cases of expired Bud Light and Amberbock from the commissary, for a grand total of $24.  We unsuspecting campers were shocked and frightened at first to find ourselves facing a weekend with the worst America has to offer.  But Mike quickly won us over with his argument of “But it’s Thanksgiving!  And we’re in Africa!  And the beauty of it is that we are Americans!”  Hmm.  He was sort of right.  Break out the beer cozy!  This initiated a long discussion about whether the proper pronunciation is “cozy” or “coozy.”  Feel free to comment.


Our turkeys had made the long trip, pre-cooked, in the cooler.   Thanks to Gigi for not only making the turkeys but also the gravy!  Duct tape works for everything, doesn’t it?


The kids were ready for Thanksgiving dinner, having spent most of the day out investigating nature, and we parents were ready to give them something to do other than poke each other with sticks, stumble onto snakes, and fall too close to the fire.



At one point during happy hour, we looked over to see the Lord of the Flies hanging in trees.  Careful kids, that pit toilet is dirty!



Is that laughing or is that crying??


I guess it’s time to eat!  And what a feast we had.  We started with hummus, tabbouleh and Doritos, before moving on to a classic spread of turkey and gravy, green bean casserole (with extra french fried onions), roasted rosemary potatoes and squash, rolls, cranberry sauce, with pumpkin pie and chocolate chip bundt cake for dessert.  And all this while camping!  After dinner we went back to see the bats again, then came back to help unload the Foleys of the 48 hot dogs taking up space in their cooler.  Somehow, even after all that turkey, we ate all those hot dogs.  More campfire songs, some hot sticks being poked around, someone saying “you’ll poke your eye out!,” and a drowsy dropping off one by one of each of us to our respective tents.  Some old, some new, some smelling of gram-negative rods; all of us scented with a thick coating of Deet.  Is the zipper still broken?  Is my pillow wet?  What smells in here?  We are going home tomorrow!!!

I think our Thanksgiving camping trip has been a success.  Once in a lifetime.  Yes.  As every lifetime can claim to be.