Halloween 2014


The boys chose their costumes this year.  The first time we’ve sat together and bought them off Amazon, instead of talking them into wearing something we already had or could borrow from a friend.  Guess who is who?



I know I’m biased, but my Darth Vader and my Scooby are pretty freaking cute.


There was a neat Embassy party this year, where the kids were able to play games and actually walk around our neighborhood to trick or treat at about six different houses.  It was still blazing hot in the afternoon sun, but Jake and Eli LOVED it.  We heard a lot of “Halloween is our favorite holiday!”  There were probably about 50 kids.  Mike and I were working the Donut Eating Contest.  It was pretty fun, although also pretty gross, to watch these kids gnawing donuts off a string.  Everyone loved it though, and there was lots of laughing!

The next morning, Eli and Jake were excited to see their candy.  Jake organized his neatly rows in the back of his dump truck.


Some of the parents were really organized and had ordered some good candy from the States!  This was our first time for Milk Duds, Peanut Butter M and M’s, Hot Tamales, Baby Ruth, even Heath bars!  I had no idea that they made tropical Starbursts?

Eli was less organized about his candy. DSC_0856

He was pretty cute though, in his Mickey Mouse ears with his garbage truck.



Later, we put it all into the Spooky Station.  Thank goodness for Uncle Paul and the Spooky Station!

We love Halloween!