Farmer Boy

“Mom, I want to be a farmer!”


“Look, the lettuce is as tall as me!”


“My compost bin is really doing good.  Just like Opa.”



Now that we’ve been here a year, we are finally getting over our laziness and starting to take advantage of the beautiful weather and our huge backyard.  The lettuce was a real learning experience.  Wow, who knew that lettuce grew that tall!!!  We had more lettuce than we could eat, and I loved it.  I hate washing greens, but its something we have to do since the irrigating water isn’t reliably sanitized, not to mention the little bugs and worms that hang out in the leaves.  No pesticides, but a lot more work!  Somehow, though, when the lettuce comes from my own yard it seems less dirty.  It is so tall!  These are the last of our stalks.  We had about 20 growing.


Our gardener also planted cabbages.


Here is our wheelbarrow:


Summer is just beginning, and this time of year it’s full of jacaronda blossoms.  Just like our yard.


They are covering the driveway and the whole sky is purple.




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