Cape Town


Thank you, Kelly and Jason, for watching the kids!!!!

We never would have been able to hike up Table Mountain if they’d been with us.



Although they sure would have loved the cable car ride going down…


This was us hiking up a beautiful mountain in Sicily 10 years ago.  Back before digital film, when you only got one shot.  This is the shot that now immortalizes our Honeymoon:


Is it weird to think we look better now?  Or maybe that’s just denial….

What a treat for us to have four whole days alone together, in a beautiful place like Cape Town!  We rented the penthouse in a boutique apartment-hotel, with a rooftop deck and a view of the water.  Mike had a flat-screen TV, I had a bathtub, and it was heaven.  It was kind of cold the first few days, but after being in Zambia that just made it cozy.


It’s hard to explain how wonderful it is to spend the weekend with someone you love, in a normal city that’s part of the modern world, after spending the last 6 years raising twins in third world countries.  You mean we can just sit in a coffee shop and have breakfast?  We can stay in bed past 7 am?  We can go walking outside of our house wearing sports clothes without looking like weirdos?  And eat sushi, ride buses, ask for directions, the whole time speaking English?  One night we went to a fancy restaurant, and had the best “pork cheeks” we’ve ever tasted.  When did they invent Mint M and M’s?  Wow, delicious!  Next to Cinnamon Bears and Reese’s Pieces, those are my new favorite!


We hiked Signal Hill and Table Mountain, explored Long Street and the markets downtown, and wandered around the Waterfront.  Mike had McDonald’s and a plate of chicken livers (a.k.a. South African Bar Food), and we both had some of the best gelato ever.  Gelato!  I forgot about that.

The whole thing was so charming.  You can see that the Dutch have been here!



When the weather cooperated, we had a picnic, outside on the roof.


Pretty much a perfect weekend.