First Day Of First Grade

Love, love.  I am so in love.



“I’m going to miss you Mommy!”


New haircuts, new t-shirts.  Ham sandwiches, carrots, and a Z-bar in their backpacks.  How will I send my love to school with them when they will no longer wear the clothes I pick out, or take their lunch to school?  How do you say it, when saying “I love you” isn’t as easy as making banana cupcakes for dessert or letting them sleep with you on Friday nights?


I think, “I’m very attached.  I should stop doing these things, because one day it will end and it will only make it harder.”  But then I think, isn’t the fact that “one day it will end” all the more reason to do it now?  If my love isn’t worth frivolously spending on my children, on these little creatures whom I love more than anything on earth, than what will ever be worth it?


Our first week of school.  Eli’s favorite class is art and Jake’s favorite is PE.  Daddy has been making blueberry pancakes, and helping us shake hands and practice saying “Good Morning” to our teachers.


Mr. Chris is our bus driver, and we leave every day at 6:40 am.


There’s a new gelato place for a special after school treat. 

Along with school, our life has other rhythms.  Jake takes out compost to his compost pile, and we check to see how the garden has grown.  Look at the lettuce!  Thanks to the wonderful compost.


On our last Saturday before school, Jake, Eli, and Mommy rode our bikes to Delish for Mommy croissants.   They helped me make a cake for a baby shower.


Daddy made them a sandbox where they come home and play, they build beaver houses and dig in the dirt pile, and draw for hours on endless sheets of paper.  Jake still wants to be a farmer, and Eli still likes to make soup.


I know better than to think the future couldn’t be better than now.  How many times will I need that lesson?