Happy Father’s Day!


We wish all of our dads could have been here for our Celebration Waffles!


Bagpipes at Skamania 058

And we wish we could have poured you a few of these…


And given you a few big hugs and tackles from these two!


Here in Lusaka, we christened our new waffle maker.  Our first time since the waffle maker Paul gave us for Christmas over 10 years ago finally died.  We mourned its passing last summer in Baku, after one 220v jolt too many.  But now we get to have maple syrup again!  Between Log Cabin, Aunt Jemima, and Hungry Jack, I think we’ve all decided that Log Cabin is the best.  It was also Daddy’s special request to make noodles.





Gabriel came over to help.  It was pretty fun!

We are so grateful and so thankful for all our dads.  Without them life would be full of heavy things and spiders.  Happy Father’s Day!!!   XOXOXOXOXOXOXO