Science Kids

“Mom, can we do this experience?  When can we do this science experience?  Mom?”


This is Eli’s and Jake’s response to their new subscription of Highlights magazine.  It’s funny, as kids both Mike and I loved Highlights, but neither of us were ever interested in the monthly science experiment.  So much for “molding our children after ourselves.”


This week’s lesson was about mixing oil and water.  It was actually pretty cool!


So much so, that we invited our friends over and did it again.


On another day, Jake and Eli decided to set up ziplines in the living room:


We learned all about gravity and momentum and how a blown up balloon attached to the side will make it go faster.  Mommy was not so enthused about the ziplines in the living room at first, but then she changed her mind.


Her boys, all three of them, are so much more creative than she is, and she is lucky to have them all!


And for the record, Mike is Goofus.  We both liked “Finding the Differences Between the Two Pictures” and the back page where you have to find “What’s Wrong?”  Who knew we were destined for each other through Highlights?

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