Last Day of Preschool


Can it really be?  Our teachers tell us that Eli and Jake are speaking Russian very well these days, and we know they are writing it because we check their homework. Too bad that will probably all be forgotten.  Oh well.  We are still glad we put them in the local school instead of the expensive, private preschool.  They have learned so much!  Sitting still, eating with good manners, singing and dancing and reciting lines for the school festivals that happen every quarter.  And they always come home so happy!  They are pretty happy today, holding their big bouquet of flowers :).

I also made a bunch of rice krispy treats for the class.  Once again, being the Weird Foreign Mom who brings Weird Food.  I thought about trying to explain what they were, but I didn’t know the russian word for “marshmallow,” and could only imagine the stares I would get if I said it was made of “rice.”  Better to leave that one alone.


A good mom would have remembered to stir colored sprinkles or something into the marshmallows.  A pile of rice krispy treats looks pretty boring!  Oh well, I am learning.  At least I had some nice ribbons!

Eli and Jake are so worthy of their preschool graduation.  Here is Eli, going all by himself to buy bread from downstairs:


Climbing castle walls without needing to be carried,


Making pancakes for breakfast,


Taking care of each other when sick,


Helping each other pack their suitcase,


Smart enough to know that if they behave in restaurants, they get to go with us.


I can’t say that this is a sad day, because the truth is that I am SO proud of them, and that could be anything, but not sad.  We have had a wonderful two years at this school, and I can never say thank you enough to Miss Mila and Miss Farida for taking care of our little boys, teaching them their letters, and guiding them into being sweet and respectful human beings.  Daddy plays a big role in this too, I am thankful especially for him!  

Our little men are ready for the next step.  And so are we.







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