Old Friend

IMG_4196 (1).jpg

There is a reason we are friends.  Still.  31 years later.

It has something to do with understanding that a perfect almond croissant is worth bringing on a 14-hour plane ride.


And that in Vienna, even if you’re there for just a weekend, it’s more fun to go see Captain Marvel with the kids than it is to visit the Opera.  We didn’t see a single museum!  Just shopping and a long slow lunch, and a mad dash out of Bratislava to get to the movies on time.


She always knows exactly what I mean about everything.  Every time.  It’s okay to have popcorn for dinner.


A best friend is someone who understands Gussy is part of the family, and lets him sleep on her bed even though she’s allergic to cats.


She is someone who knew you, before the details of Wife-Mother-Career turned you into something else.  When throwing bouncy balls across the lawn, learning to bake, trying on clothes, and hunting for Easter eggs seemed like important things to do.


A childhood friend is someone who knew you, and liked you, before you knew or liked yourself.  What better reminder is there of grace?

She is a blessing I didn’t deserve.


And now, she reminds me of the strong and smart person I used to be.  Do we really need to stop being our old selves in order to become new ones?

Maybe not.


When the world doesn’t make sense, sometimes we just need to remember who we are.  Who we always were.

And then we can be strong again, knowing that someone who understands is there with us, every step of the way.