Jake Age 11



Smiling, thoughtful, and jumping for joy, Jake Age 11 is fun to have around.


DSC_1609 (1).jpg

“Mom, can we go ice-skating today?   What movie are we watching tonight?  Can you drive me to choir on Friday?


“Can you help me pack my DJ Stuff?”

Jake Age Eleven has mixed the joy of music with his love of pushing buttons, and now for parties, road trips, and Friday nights, we have our own personal DJ in the house.



A child who loves technology is a nice thing for a mother that has problems turning on the TV.


He also loves reading, writing, and Screen Time.  “Mow, tether, bail, barn” he recites while playing Farming Simulator, and I never know what weird alarm will go off after he’s messed with my baking timer.


Jake is conscientious, so much that he puts his own Screen Time lock on his iPhone.


At school, Jake gets involved in everything and always wants to do more.  As a Student Ambassador he shows new kids around the school, and his platform for Student Council included “Changing school lunch to taste better” and “Putting more obstacles on the Fun Run.”


After school he’s in swimming, Boy Scouts, and violin, and was chosen to play the welcome music for the 5th Grade Christmas concert.


He’s been invited to girls’ birthday parties and I’m not sure he really knows yet what that means, but he IS pretty cute….



Last year he was King of Hearts in the school play, and this year he’ll be in the spring production of Mulan.  I’m not really sure if he likes the singing and dancing as much as he likes working the lights backstage, but he definitely has enough energy for both!



Jake Age 11 Stats:

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Movie:  Mission Impossible 6

Favorite Cookie:  Mint brownies and Blondies

Best Vacation This Year:  Assisi and Prague

Favorite Book:  Street Child

After School Snack:  Carrot

Favorite Video Game:  Fifa 19

Favorite Toy:  DJ Mixer

Favorite Class:  Reading/Writing

Favorite Singers:  Martin Garrix and Avicii

Favorite Drink:  Mint Cola

Favorite Restaurant Meal:  Tacos

Jake likes to eat most things, but he’s really a bread and chocolate guy.  Pizza rates higher than salmon tartare.


Our Jake has big dreams, and an even bigger heart.  He’s kind to younger children and comes to check on his Mom when she’s sick.  He gives me a hug every day.  He knows that baby goats like flowers.


He cuddles with Gussy Cat.


Jake likes books that explore feelings and overcoming obstacles, and thinks about the way his own life is part of a greater world.



He also likes video games and race cars.  It’s hard to keep him away from the cars!  We went to the Vienna Auto Show a few weeks ago and kept losing him to the lure of an open front seat….

DSC_1143 (1).jpg


Our Jake is eleven now, precious and perfect.


dsc_1717 (1)

We love you, Honey Bear.  Happy Birthday!!!


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