Eli, X


Full of smiles.  Always whistling.  Insightful in ways that surprise us.

“When it’s you’re birthday, you don’t just change.  It takes time to change.”


He tells us he feels like he’s living his Golden Years.  Maybe that means the memories of his childhood will be good ones?  In that case, thank you Eli!  They are our Golden Years too.


Eli, Age 10, is a very fun guy.

“The reason my jacket is always so dirty is because I explore too much.”




Eli’s favorite candy is gummy bears, otherwise he has the taste buds of a gourmet.  He always orders steak, requests name-brand spaghetti because “it tastes better from Italy,” and prefers triple cream cheese.  Eli only eats dark chocolate and won’t eat chips unless they are name-brand Lay’s.

Eli is cute.  He can even make eating chips look cute.


As a daydreamer about the Universe and the way things work, Eli is full of observations.

“You know when you walk into a room, and it just smells like men?”

“Dad, did you see that?  She’s stuffing a chicken.  She just stuffed her hand into the chicken’s butt.”

“When they are learning to talk, a baby is like a parrot.”

“Going to the bathroom is easier for boys.  If you know how to use a urinal, you just do it and get on your way.  You don’t really need to do anything.”

Eli notices the way light reflects, how things grow, and what makes objects move.

DSC_1177 (1).jpg


He takes pretty neat pictures of the cat.


He’d like to be a scientist some day, or an artist.



I think either of these things could be in the cards.

Eli fascinates me because the way he approaches things is so different then mine.  Whenever I do anything, I do it the boring, easy way, because I’m more worried about making a mess than I am about making something special.

Eli is like his Dad.  Messes are part of the process.  They know that even if a lattice-top blueberry pie takes more effort and wastes some of the dough, it is a much more beautiful pie.


It’s amazing how much a person can accomplish when they aren’t worried about making a mess.  It’s amazing how unique it can be when they take time to notice the details.



Movies, Legos, Minecraft, and pancakes are all things that motivate Eli to get out of bed.  He loves Gus Gus, who sleeps on his bed every night and is the first thing Eli thinks about when he gets home from school.


When Gussy has to go out to the litter box in the rain, Eli sets up an umbrella for him so he won’t get wet.  Once he spent an afternoon making cat toys out of pipe cleaners.  Gussy loved them!  He’s sort of a Cat Whisperer.


Eli’s favorite thing to do is stay home and watch movies, but once we get outside he’s the one who notices everything.  Like his Dad.


He still likes tea.


DSC_0765 - Version 3

And Snowballs



And anything with wheels.



This train is another one of Eli’s photos.


He loves trains, inside and out.


My thoughtful child, devoted to family even at this age, I love the way he thinks of me and calls me from the bus as soon as he gets out of school .  “Mom, I’m on the bus now.  I’ll call you when I get closer to home.”  He tells us that one day he’s going to have 6 kids.



I guess we never really know what is coming next.


DSC_1268 (1).jpg

Other Eli X Stats:

Favorite Color:  Red

Favorite Movie:  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Swiss Family Robinson

Favorite Food:  Popcorn, Eggos, Cucumbers

Friends:  Simon, Oskar, Constantine, Nico, Oz

After School Activities:  Violin, Webelos, Minecraft, Swimming

Favorite Toy:  Gus Gus

Ice Cream Flavor:  Lemon

Favorite Book:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Favorite Class:  Art

Favorite Song:  Wild Heart – Bleachers

Best Thing About Austria:  Krapfens and Wiener Schnitzel

Favorite Dessert:  Doughnuts

If I were a sea creature I would be a:  Turtle

When I grow up, I want to be:  A train engineer, or the drummer in a rock band.


Eli is my reminder every day that life is not always about the big picture, but the little things that make life worth it.  He thinks, feels, dreams, and loves things as deep as the ocean.

He wants to know about prayer, and the meaning of God.


I’m not sure what I did to be blessed with this little turtle, but at age 10, Eli is teaching me things I wouldn’t be the same without.  Love you Honey Muffin, Happy Birthday!!!


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