It is true that much of life is unpredictable.   There are infinite ways that time can combine and cross with the dimensions of the world we know, to make an infinitely undefined future.  A sort of Uncertainty Principle for moments.  As uncertain as the first snowfall.  Or the season’s first snowman.




But like a musical scale, made up of discrete perfect points where the energy resonates just right, maybe only certain moments actually mean something?  Worth hearing, or noticing, or passing on as traditions?  Worth allowing to make us angry or sad?  Worth waiting for?

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Maybe we are all wasting a lot of time letting insignificant moments make us feel bad.  There are an unlimited number of possibilities in all our lives, but maybe like the infinite particles and waves in the universe, only some of them need to become light, or a song?


Maybe we don’t need to worry so much about the uncertain parts.  Maybe the things that are so random and difficult to predict are just not worth worrying about.  If a tree falls in the woods and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?  If a moment of a particle exists but it’s impossible to see it, did it really exist?   Who cares?    Maybe Santa Is and maybe Santa Isn’t, but that is a real reindeer sitting in front of us!


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Like Love, or God, Santa is believing in things, and believing in their certainty even if you can’t see them.  They are not friendly to the uncertainty of doubt, or to faithless worries that may never come to light.  Their magic is in making us focus on the song.

Just like music notes.

Or the season’s first snowman.


Or light in the darkness.

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Uncertainty is what makes it possible to believe,



Certainty is what makes it real.


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